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About Lois

Welcome to the inner world of my imaginative fantasy, which I have attempted to portray through the various mediums shown on my website here. Growing up in the hills of Sonoma County, I had a premonition at age seven, that this was what I was meant to do with my life, to learn and practice the making of art. Consequently it has been my obsession and passion for many years now. My early background was as an apprentice to a hand-bookbinder, where I learned to develop some strict standards of craftsmanship. From there I studied at San Francisco Art Institute, where I developed a looser, freer approach. I was also influenced by the psychedelic poster art of the 60's, so one might say that my art is truly Californian in style. I currently live and work in the Russian River region of northern California.


The medium used for the standing and hanging sculptures is one that I have developed over time, and consists of flat or curved pieces of wood, hand shaped, painted, with many layers of material added. Some of these pieces are available for sale, and I do works in this medium on commission. In regard to the paintings, archival quality prints are available for most all of them, and can be shipped. I hope to expand the availability of clay works at a later time.


Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I usually respond within a day or two, and will be happy to discuss the various aspects of this art with you. Thank you for your interest, please enjoy!



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